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Darrelle Vary, AMFT

Therapy is different for everyone, which is why my approach is rooted in deep care and curiosity for the unique and ongoing stories we each live out on a daily basis. I believe therapy works best when there is a foundation of respect for the individual processes and perspectives of my clients.

Michaela "Mischie" PALUMBO, AMFT

I firmly believe that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most pivotal contributors to transformation and healing. While it is crucial for you to feel supported while addressing challenging emotions, I also recognize the importance of allowing space for levity and humor. My commitment lies in fostering a space where we can deepen emotional exploration to uncover your unmet desires and needs.


My approach to therapy is collaborative and client-centered. Working through the lens of relationships, we explore how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors interact and impact our relationship with ourselves and others. Drawing from an eclectic range of therapeutic modalities, I work with clients to deconstruct their unique narratives surrounding sex, intimacy, relationships, and identity to develop tools for self-advocacy and autonomy.

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