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Mischie is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#145184) employed and supervised by Ian Jensen, LMFT (#117013).

My Approach

As an integrative therapist it is important to me to work from an intersectional lens where we can explore societal expectations and cultural norms in relation to identity and mental health. I tend to draw from psychodynamic and relational techniques to help empower and validate your experience of the world. I firmly believe that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most pivotal contributors to transformation and healing. While it is crucial for you to feel supported while addressing challenging emotions, I also recognize the importance of allowing space for levity and humor. My commitment lies in fostering a space where we can deepen emotional exploration to uncover your unmet desires and needs.

We live in a culture that prioritizes proficiency and instant gratification, leaving very little room for self reflection and reconnection. Your weekly sessions give you permission to reconnect back to yourself and discover what's working and what's not. We will have an opportunity to look at your internal and external relationships and ways of being, experience them in the therapeutic space, and collaboratively work to reshape them into more constructive and fulfilling patterns. 



Individual therapy $170 

Relationship therapy $220 



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