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Darrelle Vary, AMFT


Darrelle is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#129169) employed and supervised by Ian Jensen, LMFT (#117013).

My Approach

Therapy is different for everyone, which is why my approach is rooted in deep care and curiosity for the unique and ongoing stories we each live out on a daily basis. I believe therapy works best when there is a foundation of respect for the individual processes and perspectives of my clients. Therapy is compassionate, collaborative, and calibrated to the needs of each client. It’s a time to experience the essence of listening, of feeling heard, within the setting of the therapeutic relationship. Therapy is a place to restore trust in oneself, and to learn to witness oneself differently.


My work is influenced by attachment, feminist, narrative, psychodynamic, and postmodern theories. My approach is anchored by a strength-based, affirmative stance that takes into consideration existential concerns. I believe therapy is as much about our present and future as it is about our past.

The therapeutic relationship fosters opportunities in which clients can discover and experience their relational dynamics and patterns in real time. Humor, warmth, and play are as much a part of the therapeutic process as the challenges we encounter when faced with moments of growth and exploration.

DIRECT Contact


Individual therapy $170 

Relationship therapy $220 

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